BTC Introduction

History & Structure

The Business Tourism Company (BTC) was established in 1995 as an affiliate of Arab International Hotels Co. (AIHO) with the purpose of extending the group’s hospitality portfolio outside the capital city of Amman and into leading touristic destinations across Jordan. Set up with an initial capital of JD11 million, the company has raised its capital to JD50 million through capital increases. During this same period, the shareholders’ equity increased to JD55,184 million as of the end of 2017.

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Future Plans for BTC

Plans for several other developments across Jordan are already underway, including ones in the South of Jordan on the coastal city of Aqaba and on the shores of the Red Sea, as well as potential expansions in Petra.

BTC Overview

Corporate Policy

As an affiliate of AIHO, BTC shares AIHO’s corporate policy as a “dynamic player in Jordan’s tourism sector and hospitality industry, contributing vast resources both specifically to this industry and to the country’s overall economy. This contribution comes in many ways, from training and employing youth with the hope of a fruitful career path, to the facilitation of the inflow of foreign exchange, which helps to offset the balance of payments for the country.”

As a company that believes strongly in contributing towards the betterment of our environment, in 2008 BTC was the first hotel in the world to implement an onsite Solar Thermal Energy for water heating needs that saves over 65% of its energy need in this regard.

BTC Facts

BTC through its Marriott Hotels in Jordan has

GWh's produced by Solar energy
Local Seminars over the past 33 years
Employees over the past 33 years
T CO2 Carbon Savings
International Training Courses in the past 33 years.
Hours of Training
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